New Creations, Old Ideas, and Older Demons- 2019 Wrap-up

Good evening, friends and neighbors.

It’s a good night for a scotch.

I’m in the “office” corner of my house- a corner that has gotten messier in recent memory. I’ll do some tidying after I finish writing this, I promise- right now, its staring me in the face, wondering how long I’m going to let those piles of books and random CDs just sit there, and if I’ll ever get rid of those old boxes of business cards and just buy new, correct ones that don’t have expired business names or abandoned web addresses on them.

In the other room, my wife and cat are watching a review video on YouTube. The single lamp in the room- besides our holiday decor- paints everything a pale gold as Em listens the review. It’s almost white noise as she boops at an iPhone game.

I’ve spent the evening relaxing, knitting, reading library books, and buying up Chanukah socks for my friends. Now it’s time to sip some scotch, and write my last blog post of 2019.

Just about a year ago…

Working on the Right Thing

“Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.”

-Caterina Fake

The more I think about, the difference between “nostalgia” and “reflection” is that Nostalgia tries to forget the present, while Reflection demands the present show up and explain itself:

“What has changed?”
Where are you now?”
What have you learned?”
Was it worth it?”

That applies for our projects as much as ourselves. Whether for business or pleasure, any project worth doing is worth reviewing. We are always trying to spiral toward betterment:

“What have you created?”
What have you learned?”
“How did you improve?”
“Was it worth it?”

To answer the first of those questions, I can say something of 2019 that I couldn’t before- I am now a published author.

Writing projects have definitely been my main focus of the past year- this weekly blog, additional writings, and this book first and foremost. Seeing it completed and for sale is nothing short of the fulfillment of a dream, and it’s thanks to the support and readership of all of you that it’s even remotely possible.

Seeing Blood, Sweat, and Butter finished- as well as your ongoing readership- has me working on no less than three new books for all of you. One of them I plan to release on this website, for absolutely free. Keep your eye out for it soon!

Sadly, the situation with my day job and personal demons have led me to set those books aside recently. The majority of my energy has been absorbed by work at the bake shop, more well-thought-out considered blog posts, and managing depression and anxiety. As much as I love writing and interacting with you all, I’ve still gotta keep the lights on somehow.

I’ve had to be more selective of what projects are more worthy of my time- which will be worthwhile later on, and which aren’t as well thought-out. For example, you may have noticed the distinct lack of a YouTube show lately… or really, ever. “Working on the right things” inevitably means making some decisions on which projects get put aside.

Despite depleted energy and time, though, I’ve still got ideas for what will come next.

Rays of Hope

I may not have yet come up with a YouTube show, but there’s been several signs that my educating days aren’t as over as I thought!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have caught one of my “Live Bakealongs” this year. Initially just a way for me to practice presenting in front of a camera, the amount of interest they’ve garnered has been beyond encouraging. Even at my day job, I’ve been able to build upon and practice how to best teach others to bake.

An actual YouTube show may be slower in coming, but for right now expect to see more Live Videos (through Periscope AND Facebook Live) in 2020- and perhaps a return to doing in-person lessons and classes!

As far as writing goes, you can expect at least one new book to be completed soon! That book- on time management and productivity- will be available directly through this site as an ebook.

Of all my projects, however, writing this blog is the one that gives me the most joy. Reading your comments, answering your questions, and telling you stories every week is easily the best thing about this entire project, and I can’t thank you enough for it. Some of you have offered your stories. Others have offered ideas for future research- and some of you have just read and then told me I inspired you. That is an incredible honor. In the end, even if for that reason alone, I can say yes- this project has been worth it.

Moving Forward

Your readership and interaction, no matter who you are or for how long you’ve been reading, mean the world. Thank You!

Every person you tell about my writing, and every time you share it on social media help spread the word. If you want to support me more directly, you can join my Patreon for as little as $1 a month! You’ll get access to a special news feed, sneak peeks at new work, and advanced notice of new projects I’m working on!

Patreon Support Button

You can also buy my book- and, if you already did, write a review on Amazon! Your reviews help others who are looking for inspiration to get fit find the book!

I can’t wait to tell you more stories, teach you more baking skills and kitchen science, and hear your ideas.

Thank you for an amazing 2019, and I’ll see you in the new year!

Stay Classy,

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