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For A Limited Time, YOU can get private baking lessons from the BHB!

I’ve been baking for over a decade. I’ve written a weekly blog, two books, and read plenty more, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure it’s that not everything can be taught in writing- especially not something like baking. At some point, you need someone to stand beside you and tell you “This is how it’s supposed to feel, this is how it’s supposed to look, holding it like this is easier.”

You need someone who can tell you everything in plain language, but make it fun and interesting enough to keep you curious and excited.

Whether you want to pick up a new skill, refresh old ones, or just want something fun to do with your kids or partner, it’s my experiences that the kitchen is the heart of a home and that learning to do more in the kitchen is always time well spent!

For a limited time, I can help you learn to bake and gain confidence in the kitchen!

The BHB’s Teaching Style:
Sharing A Decade of Baking Knowledge!

How I Teach

For me, teaching is as much about exploration as education. While I like to use simple, relatable terms in teaching and avoid jargon, I also focus on the context of each ingredient and each step so that the student can learn why baking works the ways it does, what is going on in the bowl and the oven, and how it all affects the finished pastry. Prepare for tangents on history, chemistry, and physics in the kitchen!

What I Teach

While I will provide recipes to students OR help them learn a recipe they love, I focus on techniques rather than recipes. Anyone can learn a recipe by reading it out of a book, but true cooking and baking are about learning techniques so you can build on, improve, or create your own recipes! Learn one recipe with me, and you’ll learn techniques to make seven more recipes come out better!

Who I Teach

The short answer: Anyone capable of being in a kitchen!
The slightly longer answer: Anyone of any age that interested in learning how to bake. Mostly I’ve taught teenagers through older adults, but I don’t mind doing classes with younger children as long as their parents are present to help them and keep distractions to a minimum. A lot can happen in the kitchen if you’re not paying attention!

How It Works

Private Online Classes via Zoom, Google Meet, Gather, etc: $45/hour

Group Online Classes: $35/person/hour

Before payment and scheduling, we’ll discuss what you want to learn- specific recipes or general skills. Bear in mind, involved recipes like breads or multi-day pastries may require multiple sessions! I will provide recipes and ingredient/equipment requirements one week before the session. Each student will (of course) need to provide their own ingredients and equipment.

Refunds for Cancelled/Lost Sessions

All payments are due in advance via Venmo, Kubo, Zello, or PayPal. Sessions cancelled with 24+ hours notice can be refunded fully. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours are refunded 50%. “No Shows” are non-refundable after 15 minutes.

If a session is cancelled in duration due to technological issues, an attempt to reschedule will be made. Failing that, a 50% refund will be offered.


“Matt’s knowledge and professionalism were immediately apparent. He was prepared with a precise, well-tested recipe for apple pies that allowed flexibility of individual preference. His easy-going, hands-on approach de-mystified the experience for us and made for a delightful afternoon! We had never eaten apple pie for the crust until Matt showed us the perfect method for getting the crust buttery and delicious. Additionally, we learned skills applicable to many dishes, not just apple pies. From ingredients to the actual cooking, Matt was a kitchen wizard!”

Aron, Portland, OR

I had the pleasure of learning how to bake the most amazing strawberry pie (from scratch) with The Black Hat Baker (Matt). I was very impressed by how informative his presentation was, he gave me several insider tips about baking and even cooking in general that I can take with me in the future. He made learning to bake both fun and delicious. I highly recommend Matt for many different types of occasions including birthday parties, couples events or for those looking for a unique and fun way to spend an evening at home.

Anne, Portland, OR

Matthew was on-time, organized and very pleasant. He taught my young boys how to make apple pie and let them be hands on with the prep. It was a fun evening for the family!

Carolyn, Beaverton OR

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