Why I Don’t Do Resolutions

Good evening, friends and neighbors! Happy New Year!

I’m currently typing this from The Avenue Cafe, a small bar/gastro pub place where I’m grabbing a little beer and fine food before I return home to wait out the winter storm that promises to render me a homebody for the weekend. Yes, I imagine I am being a little reckless, as I watch the sleet and snow start to fall outside- but sometimes, fine beer and food is quiet worth it, and Avenue has both.

2013 is in the can, and a hell of a year it was- for the bakery, for me personally and professionally. I really don’t have anything in the way of resolutions (as you may have gathered from the title of this post), but I promise I have non-snarky reasons for it.

A lot of people, oozing with bitterness, cynicism, and disappointment, tend to have the same reason for not making resolutions- they always break them, so why bother? The opposite end of the spectrum are the people that make four thousand glorious and aspirational resolutions (“I’m going to lose 50 lbs! and write that novel! and quit my job and start my new business selling bacon art to the rich and famous!), only to forget and give up on them around February.

My feeling is that resolutions aren’t, and shouldn’t, be reserved for one day a year, and they certainly shouldn’t be mandated by tradition. Grand, life-altering decisions shouldn’t be relegated to a holiday tradition. Resolutions- real resolutions that change your life- happen when they happen. They happen in crisis moments, in moments of revelation, in moments of anguish, and moments of indescribable beauty and glory. They happen in moments of blood-boiling rage, exquisite joy, and seemingly insurmountable sorrow.

I made the resolution to start my own business when I realized I could never be truly happy working for someone else.

I made the resolution to lose weight when my uncle (now passed) was in the hospital for the third time because he refused to do anything about his weight or his diabetes.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a New Year encourage you to make half-hearted, half-assed resolutions. You’ll make them when you’re good and ready. When you are sick to death of being less than you know you are capable of, furious with the direction your life has taken, or struck with a moment of revelation that describes everything you want from this world and need only reach forth your hand and take, you’ll make your resolutions- and keep them.

Happy 2014, my friends. I wish you happiness, peace, and that just enough of your wishes should come true that you have something to strive for.

Stay you.

Stay strong.

And as always

Stay classy,