What Does Amanda Palmer Know About Baking?

I have no idea- I’ll have to ask Neil Gaiman about that- but she clearly knows a lot about small business and how to reach out to one’s audience. Here’s a link to here recent TED speech which has gone viral on the internet-

It should be noted that, while I am not a rabid fan of her music, I DO enjoy it and think she has immense talent, and after hearing this speech, I found myself taking mental notes.

The Black Hat Bakery is a small business. A VERY small business. And you, my readers and customers, are the lifeblood of it. More than that, however, you are all friends who see me and my work as enjoyable and worthy of support. Amanda is right- asking for help IS a very difficult thing for a lot of people, myself especially. Perhaps it’s more than coincidence that I saw this video right after starting up the Black Hat Bakery “Mad Hatter’s Club”- a small Facebook group (which you can join! Just send me a note for an invite!) of people who are willing to chip in a small donation so I can fund my experiments and keep putting great stuff on the menu. 
The Black Hat Bakery isn’t where I want it to be- not yet. But I believe it will, and I’ll have you all to thank for it. 🙂

Stay classy, everyone!