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caffeine-coffee-cup-891674.jpgAnyone can be a writer– but it’s more powerful to be a Storyteller.

If you need a review of your product, your restaurant or book,
I can tell YOUR story!

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Why should you hire me for your food writing needs?

Simple- because I love food, cooking, and writing. I love them enough that I decided that I was going to make a career and pay my bills out of all three.
Food and Cooking 

I have been a professional cook and baker for nearly the last decade. I have worked in kitchens of every size, on both coasts- from the cavernous bakeshop of a casino resort, to the narrow confines of a 90 F galley-style bakery in Portland, Oregon.

One of the beautiful things about being a professional culinarian AND a gourmand is that you can appreciate food holistically. Sitting down to a meal at a cafe is no longer JUST about the experience of the diner- I can dissect a plate, an atmosphere, and service, because I know the steps that put that plate in front of me. That is what helped me join professional organizations like the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.


My Writing Style
Even a short read through my blog will show that my writing is flowing, friendly, engaging, and entertaining- like a conversation over a good dinner, or a story from the guy next to you at the bar.If I have learned anything in my time as a writer, it is that words have power- and that is the power, the feeling, and the voice I can place at your disposal.

So, what can I help you with?

I normally write in the following niches:

  • Cooking and Homecooking
  • Baking and Homebaking
  • The Culinary Industry
  • Life Improvement
  • Fitness and Health*
  • At-Home Exercise*
  • Mindset/Motivational*
  • Entrepreneurship

*Besides being a baker and a writer, I’m also a stand-alone weight loss success story. I’ve written about that too!

If you want me to review something outside of these categories, get in touch with me anyway! This just happens to be a list of things I’m MOST familiar with- but I’m happy to pick up quick on anything!

Right now, my rate is $50 for a 450-550 word piece– longer pieces obviously being a little more.

Want me to review your Product or Service?

For a review, I will require-

  1. A sample of the product/service provided free of charge, with requisite shipping and handling included.
  2. A media/press kit if you have one, regarding the highlights and selling points of the product.
  3. A period of time in which to test/experience the product and get familiar with it.
  4. The recognition that all of this does not guarantee any particular KIND of review, but a thoroughly honest one to be posted here between two weeks and a month of receiving the product.

Further compensation is not necessary for the time being.

Got a restaurant or other eatery you want me to try out?

If you have a restaurant or food service in the Portland Metro Area and would like me to write about you on my restaurant review page, I recommend reading those reviews first.

For a restaurant review, I will require:

  1. The cost of an average dinner for two including alcohol, provided in a form that will permit me to pay anonymously- such as through a gift card or gift certificate. Any costs beyond that certificate will be my responsibility.
  2. The understanding that I will provide you with a time frame of when I will visit/make a reservation, and that that reservation will be under an assumed name.
  3. The understanding that, after I eat at your restaurant, you will be notified immediately, and may expect a review here between two weeks and a month after that date. You will be notified when the review is posted.

I take my personal rule of never writing a completely negative review extremely seriously. If in the extreme unlikelihood I cannot find anything positive about my experience, I will *NOT* write the review. In such a case, I will refund you the cost of the meal up to the amount you provided.

Other Writing

If you’re looking for just some decent food-inspired content for your blog, site, or publication, that’s great too! Reach out to me and we’ll discuss your needs, your schedule, and how I can help you tell a great story!

What do you say? Anything I can help you with?
Email me at and let’s chat!